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Discover true wellness with Sound CBD. Buy CBD online with us to experience high-quality products crafted from fresh, farm-to-table hemp—all at a competitive price.

Hemp Inspired by Natural Remedies

Use the power of plants in your wellness routine. In Haiti, we have a tradition of using plants for health and relief, and we’ve brought that tradition to the modern day with a range of full spectrum CBD products. When you buy CBD online from us, you’re getting serenity, relaxation, and relief in a bottle. From CBD oils to CBD creams, our online CBD store has premium products designed to boost your overall well-being. Explore our selection to make CBD part of your lifestyle today.





Sound CBD Gummies Raspberry Flavor

Raspberry CBD Gummies 1,500mg


Sound CBD Gummies Mango Flavor

Mango CBD Gummies 1,500mg


Sound CBD Gummies Pomegranate Flavor Product

Pomegranate Gummies 1,500mg


Small Farm, Big Dreams

At Sound CBD, we believe wellness should be an everyday priority, which is why our online CBD store is a sound choice for you and your family. As a family-owned and operated business, CBD is part of our lifestyle. What started in our vegetable garden has now expanded into 12 acres of farmland, and we bring our passion and pride to everything that we do. When you choose Sound CBD, you’re supporting neighborhood farmers, our local community, and the place that we call home.

Pure, Effective CBD Products

Potency and purity are the name of the game. Through research and personal experience, we’ve found that when people aren’t seeing results with CBD, it’s typically because they’re starting at a lower concentration. That’s why we’ve crafted our CBD oils with up to 3000mg of pure, full spectrum CBD, and started our CBD creams at 500mg of CBD per container. No matter which product and concentration you choose, you can be assured that you’re getting the best quality for your money every time—just use the QR codes on our labels to review our lab certifications.

Our Process

Our extraction is based on a cryoethanol process. Our CBD products are manufactured in an FDA and USDA registered facility. By using a cold ethanol extraction method, we do not decarboxylate the oil, thus conserving the cannabinoids in a more natural way to maintain the full spectrum characteristics of our oil. Through these processes, we ensure that you get a premium product at an affordable price.

Get in Touch

At Sound CBD, our team of experts are here to help you unlock your full potential. Whether by email, post, or social media, feel free to reach out to our online CBD store staff if you need help finding the right products for you.​


Don’t be afraid to reach out to learn more about our wholesale and distribution opportunities!

What People Say About Our Products


I have bought both the cream and the oil and have also gifted these products over the holidays. It has been a real success because of its efficiency. The cream has eased physical pain and helped with our colds. The oil mostly used to help fall asleep without giving the groggy feeling. Amazing products truly!! Great job @besoundcbd

28 Jan 2022


Just finished my first bottle of Sound CBD. I’ve been using CBD for some time now and I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of this product. It has a great taste and it doesn’t smell so strongly as others do. I like that it’s naturally made and my routine never skipped a beat. I’m so impressed I’m buying my second bottle.

08 Dec 2021

Kiki Evans

I have heard many things about CBD and the wonders of how it works on inflammation, anxiety and sleep. However, i was very skeptical and have tried other brands without seeing or feeling any benefit. I came across Sound CBD and was really attracted by the packaging. after trying the product on a daily for several weeks, i started to see and feel the difference on adding to my daily wellness routine. After doing more research, i understand how and why the product works based on the science behind it. Truly Great product!

08 Dec 2021

Steve Beder
Miami Florida

The SOUND CBD cream is 100% magical. Works wonders if you are in pain or cramping. Use it and apply on my toe after jamming and eases the pain and makes it tolerable to walk and even run on.

07 Dec 2021

Shakira Baboun

I have been a skeptics of Cbd in the past but that was until I tried SOUND Cbd. It’s not to say that sound cbd is the only brand that works, but more I am amazed at how real and effective this product is. Now to add to it sound cbd, does work amazingly well. for the tincture I use it in my coffee everyday and notice a difference on how I handle my daily stress at work. For the cream I started applying on my neck and shoulders after my nighttime shower, and feel less tense and sleep like a baby while waking up refreshed.

07 Dec 2021

Dayana V

Great Product!!!! Amazing results!!!… Thank you

02 Dec 2021

Jeff Mourra

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