What Is CBD Coffee?

The idea of CBD-infused coffee may sound strange to some people, but it’s actually more popular than you think. There are dozens of varieties of commercial coffee, and there are countless ways to consume it. And we consume a lot of it. In the United States alone we drink, sip, and gulp around 146 billion cups each year.

Some people value coffee for its invigorating effect, and its ability to perk them up in the morning. Others appreciate the mellow taste of a warm, earthy brew in the evening. CBD coffee can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Coffee beans in a white cup

For Consumers and Connoisseurs

Many coffee drinkers are satisfied with average brews. Some take their love of the bean to higher levels. Both types of consumers may reap the benefits of CBD infused coffee. 

The addition of CBD to coffee can provide a mellow and calming influence while not interfering with the invigorating effects of caffeine. For some, it may make caffeine less “jittery.”

What is CBD Consumer Coffee? 

Consumer or commercial CBD coffee includes beans and grounds that are infused with CBD by the manufacturer. 

Consumer CBD coffee can be made in a number of ways. The most common method is to soak the beans in CBD oil, then dry and prepare them. Variations of this process may include high temperature and pressure. The resulting CBD-infused coffee provides an easy way for consumers to enjoy caffeine and CBD at the same time.


The biggest drawback of commercial CBD coffee is its availability. Most users have to order their supplies from online retailers. When ordering online, you often can’t select your coffee beans or flavors beyond what the manufacturer offers, which may be unclear.

The type and concentration of CBD in commercial CBD coffees may be difficult to verify. If you are taking CBD to maintain wellness, relying on someone else to provide it may have unpredictable results.

Woman carrying a coffee cup.

What Is CBD Coffee for Connoisseurs?

Some coffee drinkers take pains to know where their coffee comes from, how it is stored, how it is roasted, and especially how it is brewed. These coffee connoisseurs may express some level of distrust when confronted with pre-packaged CBD-infused coffee beans. Limited selection can be an issue, and being unable to select their favorite bean makes the product hard to accept.

Experienced CBD users may not trust CBD supplied by a third party. It may be hard to verify how much CBD is in the product, the type of CBD being used, or its source. When it comes to cannabidiol-enhanced coffee for connoisseurs, many prefer to make their own.


There are no real drawbacks to making your own CBD coffee. You get the bean you want with the CBD you trust.

Making CBD-Infused Coffee 

It’s easy to make a cup of CBD coffee, even if you’re not a coffee connoisseur. Anyone can do it.

Black Coffees

Water-based CBD products work best in black coffee. You can use CBD oil, but it may bead and resist blending.

Black coffee in a white cu

Put your favorite CBD in the cup before you pour in your coffee. Vigorous stirring may help break up oils.

You may get good results by adding a few drops of extract or tincture to the grounds prior to brewing. Oil in CBD-infused coffee may separate if the coffee sits for any length of time in a carafe, for example, or inside your coffee maker. Water-based products won’t have this problem.

Frothy and Whipped Coffees

CBD oil can blend easily in warm and frothy cream and non-fat-free milk. Water-based CBD works well in these products too. Both may be added during the frothing or whipping stage. 

Coffees with Added Milk or Cream

If you add milk or cream to your coffee at the table, that’s a good place to add CBD oil. The fat in the cream or milk will help the oil blend and eliminate any taste. Water-based products may be added at any time, of course.

Pouring milk into coffee.

Making Your Own CBD-Infused Coffee Beans

Use the following process to infuse your favorite beans. You’ll need beans, an air-tight container, and a quantity of CBD oil.

  • Weigh your beans, and put them in the container. 
  • Add quality CBD oil that you trust
  • Seal the container and refrigerate for a few days. Turn the beans and the container occasionally. The longer they soak, the more CBD they will absorb.
  • When you’re satisfied with the results, remove the beans and let them dry. 
  • Use your CBD-infused coffee beans.

CBD concentration will depend on how much CBD was absorbed by the beans. The concentration of CBD in your cup depends on how much coffee you used and how many cups you made. Coffee collected at the start of the brewing process will probably contain the most CBD.

Be Safe, Be Sound, with Caffeine or Without

Dark roast, light roast, flavored; what CBD coffee is your favorite? If you haven’t tried this combination of caffeine and cannabidiol yet, you may be missing out. CBD-infused coffee is an easy way to invite the healing power of nature into your lifestyle while enjoying your favorite brew.

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