CBD Potency Guide

If you’ve never tried CBD, you’ve probably heard the best way to start is to start slowly. With CBD, that means using a low-potency product first. But what products are considered low-potency? This guide can answer questions like that and others concerning the potency of common CBD products.

Hemp and hemp oil.

Starting Small

To find what form of CBD is most effective for you, it’s best to start with low doses of low-potency products rather than try to create a low dose from a high-potency CBD product.

To determine the potency of a CBD product, look at the label. It should tell you the number of portions and the total CBD in the product.

Figuring Out Your CBD Dose

An effective daily dose of CBD can be different for everyone since so much depends on your metabolism and your weight. 

Using a person weighing 150 lbs as an example, a low dose of CBD might be around 27mg or less in 24 hours. An average daily dose of CBD for a person of the same weight might be up to 33mg, and a high daily dose could be considered to be 43mg or more. 

Some people don’t get results until they use high-potency CBD or increase their dosage. Individual metabolism and tolerance can make a big difference, and doses as high as 500mg/day or more are not uncommon for some users. 

If you experience positive benefits from a low-potency product, you may want to try a medium-potency product. If the benefits are greater, you might move on to a high-potency product. If you get no additional benefits, then high-potency CBD products may be a waste of your money.

CBD Potency in Creams, Salves, and Ointments

What form of topical CBD is most effective varies from user to user. 

Low-dose creams, salves, and ointments have from 5mg to 10mg of CBD per gram. Users control how much CBD they receive by how many products they use. This type of product is often used to treat soreness.

Allergic and adverse reactions to low, medium or high-potency CBD creams and salves are rare. Sometimes this is due to the carrier medium, or base, and not the CBD. If you notice irritation, try a different vendor. They may use a different base.

Potency of Our CBD Creams

A product like our lavender and eucalyptus creams, with a little over 11mg of CBD per gram, is a good example of a higher potency CBD product. A typical application of cream would be one to three grams, delivering approximately 11-33mg of CBD to the user. 

Field of flowering lavender.

Two grams of cream or less is probably sufficient for most uses of high-potency CBD creams. 

CBD Potency in Oils, Tinctures, and Extracts

What form of CBD is most effective for you may depend on how it is absorbed. Oils, tinctures, and extracts are designed to be ingested and are usually taken under the tongue (sublingual) or swallowed. 

Potency of Our CBD Oils

Our peppermint CBD oils provide users with easy ways to control potency. Peppermint oil may also provide additional benefits, making it a great carrier for CBD. 

A product like our Peppermint CBD Oil with 1000mg of full spectrum CBD in 30ml, can be used to deliver a low dose. To measure the dosage of a product like this, use 200 drops per 10ml of oil as a rule of thumb. So 30ml of this oil provides the user with (approximately) 600 drops, with about 1.7mg of active ingredients in each drop; the amount of CBD in 600 drops (1000) divided by the number of drops.

Our medium-potency Peppermint Oil contains 2000mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle. It delivers approximately 3.4mg of CBD per drop, calculated using the same formula as above.

Higher potency CBD products include oils like our 3000mg Peppermint Oil. Again, using the same formula, it can provide about 5.1mg of CBD in each drop. 

CBD Potency In Edibles

Many people prefer to get their CBD from edible products

Cannabis leaf and colorful gummies.

Some people make their own low-, medium-, or high-potency CBD edibles. But just as many or more CBD users choose to buy edibles instead.

Gummies are one of the most popular forms of edible CBD. You can find them with doses as low as 5mg of CBD per gummy. 

Potency of Our CBD Gummies

Our gummies have 50mg of active ingredients. They are pleasant tasting and come in different flavors. We make them in a small-batch process with fresh, whole hemp-derived CBD oil, making them naturally full spectrum.

Find Relief With Low, Medium, And High-Potency CBD

It’s not possible to know what form of CBD is most effective for everyone. Some people respond to low doses of CBD, and others need high-potency products to get noticeable benefits. If you start with low doses and try different products, you’ll find one that works best for you. Regardless of where you are in your CBD journey, Sound CBD is here to help you every step of the way.

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