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The taste of pomegranate permeates these flavored CBD gummies. Sweet and exotic, with just a hint of tart citrus to tweak your taste buds, each pomegranate CBD gummy cube carries 50mg of hemp-derived CBD oil.  A six-ounce jar holds 30 deliciously fruity, edible CBD gummies. Do you feel rushed and pressured? Discover natural relief. Pop one or two of these in your mouth and let their gentle-acting, natural ingredients soothe your troubled spirit. These gummies may be just what you need to smooth the speed bumps in your day.


Hemp-Derived CBD

Our flavored CBD gummies and other products are expertly handcrafted in Haiti. At Sound CBD we believe natural products like CBD oil and other botanicals hold the key to greater health and well-being. We think nature may hold the answer to many ills plaguing modern society. We seek to make natural products available at reasonable prices to people in need of relief.

Our CBD gummies and other handcrafted products are infused with hemp-derived CBD oil. We extract this oil from hemp grown on our family farm. 

Our hemp comes from seeds originating in Oregon. It is an industrial quality, non-GMO strain with a CBD-rich flower. We harvest when the plant is in its prime and beneficial cannabinol levels are the highest. This quality hemp yields naturally full spectrum, hemp-derived oil with a robust blend of CBD and other ingredients. Our gummies are largely free of added sugars aside from a small amount used as a non-stick coating.

Loaded With Flavor

Our CBD gummies may help you cope with the daily grind. Many people find sweet, CBD-infused edibles a pleasant addition to their diet, especially before or after a big meal. CBD gummies may help you relax at the end of a busy day and ease any lingering stress.

These pomegranate CBD gummies are designed with the healing power of nature in mind. We believe these small-batch edible CBD gummies can provide support for anyone seeking better wellness. They’re easy to take, dissolve fast, and absorb quickly. One gummy a day may support your immune system and ease digestion.

Each pomegranate-flavored cube has 50mg of natural active ingredients. Use them when you need them the most, and let nature support your journey to wellness. Take advantage of the gentle power of hemp-derived CBD oil with these flavored CBD gummies.

Natural Ingredients, Effective Products

Sound CBD is family-owned and operated. We’ve grown hemp for many years on our family farm in Haiti. Our hemp-derived CBD oil is a result of cold ethanol extraction, a process that preserves fragile natural compounds. This naturally full-spectrum product holds high levels of CBD. Products like our oils and creams are stronger than the products of many competitors and more effective.

You’ll enjoy these flavored CBD gummies. They’re made with all-natural ingredients, using a small-batch process in a USDA and FDA-registered facility. All products are third-party tested to maintain quality. Orders are sent via USPS ground in premium packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are flavored CBD gummies all-natural? 

Yes. The healing power of nature does not require any artificial help. All ingredients are natural in our pomegranate CBD gummies. When packed, they get a light dusting of cane sugar to keep them from sticking together in the container.

Can CBD gummies be eaten like candy?

No. While they may be coated in sugar, edible CBD gummies are not intended to be eaten like candy. You may use them as an end-of-the-day treat, but they contain powerful medicine. Keep them away from children. 

When is the best time to take a CBD gummy?

The short answer is anytime! Many people take them after dinner and some wait for just before bedtime. Everyone is different, and CBD may be enjoyed in different ways. A CBD gummy may help you in the morning, for example, if you anticipate a strenuous day. The power of CBD can give you focus, helping make the difference between a productive day feeling accomplished, or worn-out day feeling lost.

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