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Just like a raspberry plucked from the vine, these gummies are sweet, tart, and carry a hint of the forest lingering within. You’re sure to love the untamed flavor of these CBD full spectrum gummies. Along with a wilder taste than the competition, our gummies carry 50mg of infused CBD in each little cube. Our CBD raspberry gummies are effective edibles, and go great in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Start your wellness journey with these gummies, and experience the gentle support that nature can provide.


Naturally Full Spectrum

Sound CBD believes the cure for many of today’s health problems can be found in nature. We believe the use of quality ethnobotanical products can improve our health and enrich our lives. We want to provide the wonders of nature at a reasonable price to anyone looking for support on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Our family-owned-and-operated farm specializes in hemp production. We cultivate non-GMO plants grown from seeds sourced from Oregon. These industrial-strength seeds, plus the climate, provide us with four abundant harvests a year, ensuring our products are always fresh and in stock.

Our CBD full-spectrum gummies are infused with hemp-derived CBD oil. Our extraction process uses cryogenic temperatures to free the oil from the biomass, preserving delicate compounds that would be destroyed by heat. Our freshly harvested hemp yields a high quality CBD oil that is naturally full spectrum.

Quality Manufacturing

These raspberry CBD gummies are sweet and delicious without unnecessary sugar. The only sugar in these gummies is in their coating, to prevent them from sticking together. Our gummies are a great pick-me-up in the middle of the day, and great for ushering you off to a restful sleep too. They’re a fine addition to anyone’s diet and may promote better digestion and support the immune system.

There are 30 gummy cubes in a six-ounce jar. Each cube is infused with 50mg of hemp-derived CBD oil loaded with the healing power of nature. The container is easy to store and gummies are easy to take. 

Use the power of plants in your wellness routine. Discover how botanical products can support your lifestyle. These CBD full spectrum gummies will melt in your mouth as they deliver a beneficial dose of natural, effective cannabidiols. 

Let the power of nature improve your day. Buy these raspberry CBD gummies today, and see how they might benefit your lifestyle.

Hand Crafted Quality

Sound CBD takes great pride in its small-batch, handcrafted products. Our goal is to provide the best botanical products you can find at reasonable prices. Our hemp-derived CBD oil is naturally full spectrum, and our special cold ethanol extraction process preserves its strength. Our creams and oils are powerful thanks to higher concentrations of active ingredients than some competitors.

Sound CBD uses a third-party lab to test products like our CBD full spectrum gummies to assure quality. Products are manufactured in FDA- and USDA-registered facilities. Be safe, be sound, and enjoy these soothing raspberry CBD gummies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s special about full spectrum CBD gummies? 

Full spectrum CBD contains the richest blend of organic compounds that may be found in the original plant. It is a rich source of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other all-natural ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else. It helps make our CBD raspberry gummies extra effective.

How much cannabidiol is in these full spectrum gummies?

Each container holds 30 sweet and chewy CBD gummies. Each sugar-dusted cube contains 50mg of CBD, making 1500mg total in each container. This is a strong dose, making them more effective than similar products from other manufacturers.

Are Sound CBD’s gummies FDA-approved? 

All of our tasty, fruit-flavored CBD gummies are manufactured in an FDA- and USDA-approved facility. Each batch is made with hemp-derived CBD oil, collected from freshly harvested hemp grown on family farms. They are third-party lab tested to verify contents and purity.

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