CBD Gummies

Sound CBD’s pure CBD gummies come straight from our farms in Haiti to your table.

The process, from cultivation of hemp plants to manufacturing and packing of gummies, is carried under the supervision of well-trained staff and experts. The gummies are an excellent choice to start on your wellness journey using CBD edibles. Sound CBD is your one-stop solution for CBD edible gummies online.

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Sound CBD Gummies Raspberry Flavor

Raspberry CBD Gummies 1,500mg


Sound CBD Gummies Mango Flavor

Mango CBD Gummies 1,500mg


Sound CBD Gummies Pomegranate Flavor Product

Pomegranate Gummies 1,500mg


Sound CBD Gummies Fruit Mix Flavor Product

Fruit Mix CBD Gummies 1,500mg


Premium Quality and Taste

Made from the best quality CBD derived from naturally grown hemp plants, Sound CBD’s gummies are the ideal pick when it comes to CBD edibles available online. These gummies are cube-shaped delights, each weighing 3.5g. The concentration of CBD per gummy is 50mg.

Our pure CBD gummies are full-spectrum, which means they are processed as little as possible to let you enjoy CBD in all its natural taste. What is even better is that they are vegan and non-GMO. These delectable, wellness-oriented gummies are available in three flavors: mango, pomegranate, and raspberry.

Unlock The Secret To Wellness

CBD is said to have benefits for overall wellness, and is often considered by those looking for a natural way to improve their health.

No matter what symptoms you may be dealing with in your everyday life, CBD may be able to help alleviate those issues. The potential benefits of CBD provide a chance for better overall health.

Aside from our pure CBD gummies, Sound CBD is proud to offer oils and creams, allowing you to enjoy our CBD in the form you prefer. Our products are easy on your pockets as well.

CBD Gummies: Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sound CBD Gummies made of?

We use only locally-grown hemp plants to manufacture all of our products, including our pure CBD gummies. We employ the cold ethanol extraction method which prevents decarboxylation of the oil. In this way, we are able to preserve the cannabinoids in a more natural process.

Are Sound CBD Gummies safe?

Our facilities are FDA and USDA-registered. Quality checks are conducted internally as well as by third-party lab testing throughout each step of our manufacturing process. You can verify the third-party lab test results by scanning the QR code on your gummies’ label.

How many Sound CBD Gummies can I take in a day?

Each gummy contains 50mg of pure CBD concentrate. As such, it’s recommended to start with ½ or one gummy per day, and increase the dosage as needed. Depending on physiological factors, even half a gummy may be sufficient for many. Please consult your healthcare provider to find your ideal daily CBD dosage.

Which is better: Sound CBD Gummies or Oil?

Our gummies and oils are both just as effective, however, they work differently. Oils are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and hence act faster. Gummies are absorbed through the digestive tract, taking longer to reach full effectiveness but maintaining their effects for a longer period of time.

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