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A deliciously sweet and chewy treat that combines the juiciest of fruits, these full spectrum CBD gummies are a must-buy and must-try for your taste buds. Each of these punchy little cubes are infused with the goodness of 50mg CBD for a relaxing, floaty feeling that will take you to a place of calm and relaxation. With flavors of floral, berry, and tart, and just the right concentration of our high-quality CBD, you’re in for a moment of perfect peace. Pop one of these, sit down, and let yourself unwind with the power of these CBD gummies.


Naturally Full-Spectrum

Our CBD fruit mix gummies are naturally full-spectrum, meaning when you buy one of these delicious jars of CBD-infused treats, you can expect to experience the full power of the entourage effect.

The CBD oil for these gummies is extracted from the all-natural hemp grown in our family farms in Haiti under the expert care of our experienced planters. We use non-GMO, industrial-quality hemp seeds which produce flowers rich in CBD and terpenes. 

The flowers are harvested at their prime and the CBD oil is then extracted using the cryo ethanol method to preserve the cannabinoids more naturally. Our gummies contain sugar only as a natural non-stick coating on the outside, for a healthier concoction than most other CBD gummies.

Buy our CBD fruit mix gummies online now to embark on a journey of healing by leveraging the power of nature.

A Punch of Flavor

At Sound CBD, we never compromise on the taste of our gummies. Here, you won’t find any funny flavored gummies that taste like chemicals to mask the aftertaste of CBD oil. Our CBD fruit mix gummies are rich in flavor, with an aftertaste that’s sweet with a berry-like tartness.

You can have these mini cubes of deliciousness any time of the day to exercise the healing abilities of one of nature’s best compounds. 

Have a gummy when you find yourself struggling to keep up with the stress of a hectic day and need a boost of energetic happiness. Or enjoy the sweet chewiness of these satisfying little cubes after a filling meal to aid digestion.

Each of our six-ounce jar of CBD gummies holds 30 cubes that are infused with a delicious mix of fruity flavors and 50mg of CBD each. Naturally good for the mind, body, and your taste buds!

Handcrafted With Love

Sound CBD products are handcrafted by experienced planters and producers at our farms in Haiti. We’re a family-owned and operated venture that has been growing hemp for many years. Our CBD gummies, oils, and more are manufactured in small batches inside FDA and USDA-registered facilities. So when you buy a jar of our full spectrum CBD fruit gummies online, you can rest assured that you’re only getting the freshest, high-quality batch.

Explore our range of all-natural CBD products to taste the goodness and healing capabilities of nature and incorporate it in your wellness journey. Be Safe. Be Sound. And unlock the potential within.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of oil is in CBD gummies?

CBD gummies from Sound CBD are made with only the freshest hemp-derived oil possible. It comes from freshly harvested hemp grown on family farms in Haiti, where we collect multiple harvests each year. Freshness makes our small-batch products extra strong and effective.

Do CBD gummies need special storage?

When you buy full spectrum CBD fruit gummies online from Sound CBD, you get a shelf-stable product. It requires no special storage beyond a cool, dry place. In time all botanicals may lose strength, so you should plan to use them promptly for full benefits.

Are CBD gummies legal in my state?

As of 2022, CBD products with 0.3% or less THC are no longer prohibited, so it is legal to buy CBD gummies in most states. However, you should check local laws to be sure before you place an order for any CBD product.

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