5 Benefits Of Non-Organic Hemp and CBD

 non-organic hemp plant for CBD oil

Cannabinoid products are surging in popularity with an increasing number of consumers integrating them into their daily life to aid their overall well-being, and more brands entering this niche market. 

There are so many terms being thrown around by different brands to back up the claim that their CBD is better than others because it’s derived from hemp grown a certain way. Which begs the question: which is the best type of hemp and CBD?

‘Organic Hemp’ gets touted by most brands as the superior one. We won’t disagree that organic CBD oils are of good quality, but are they actually better than non-organic CBD? Before we answer that, let’s find out what the difference between the two actually is.

Difference Between Organic And Non-Organic Hemp

Organic hemp is essentially hemp that’s grown using organic pesticides and herbicides. Non-organic hemp, on the other hand, is hemp that’s grown naturally or using conventional farming methods. 

For most agricultural products, the benefits of organic far outweigh that of non-organic methods, most of which use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but hemp is a sturdier plant than most. It’s naturally pest-resistant and can be grown without any kind of pesticide, herbicide, or fungicide.

Besides this basic difference, non-organic hemp and the CBD oils derived from it boast a lot of benefits that put them on par with organic hemp products.

Benefits Of Non-Organic Hemp

planting organic hem

1. It’s Natural And Clean

Non-organic hemp can be grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides, and that’s why you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals getting absorbed by the plant and ending up in the final product.

It’s just as clean and natural as organic hemp and can be grown without the usage of GMO seeds – no ‘Certified Organic’ label needed. Consequently, CBD oils derived from non-organic hemp are just as healthy as organic ones.

2. It’s Naturally Rich In CBD

Conventionally grown hemp requires fertilizer only in the beginning of the plant’s life cycle to provide the right conditions for the plant to flourish. The plant also has the natural ability to absorb CO2 and Nitrogen from the air to boost its growth.

And since it’s grown without chemical herbicides or pesticides which drain the soil of its natural nutrients and good microbes, it naturally has high concentrations of CBD. There’s no difference in the quality of CBD extracted from non-organic versus organic hemp, so dosages of non-organic CBD oils are just as potent.

3. It’s Cheaper Than Organic Hemp

The cost of organic hemp farming is much higher than that of non-organic or conventional hemp farming because of the use of expensive fertilizers and pesticides. On top of that, the yield from organic farming is also usually lesser. These two factors drive up costs significantly – to the point where it becomes inaccessible for most people.

Non-organic hemp in comparison is much more affordable because it allows hemp to do what it does best – grow naturally. Without the additional costs, CBD oils from non-organic hemp tend to be a lot cheaper and more accessible.

4. It’s Good For The Ecosystem

Hemp is a ‘pioneer plant’ with deep root systems that can regenerate barren soil and prevent soil erosion. It can even be grown on soil that would be considered infertile because of its ability to restore the nutrients in the soil.

Non-organic hemp is very sustainable because it consumes less water and absorbs a ton of CO2 from the air. It also benefits plants that are grown next to it using the crop rotation method. And since non-organic hemp doesn’t need pesticides and herbicides to flourish, it prevents the contamination of soil and water with harmful chemicals.

This is why CBD oils, creams, and edibles made from non-organically grown hemp are just as good as their organic counterparts for the environment and the ecosystem as a whole.

5. It’s Just As Safe As Organic Hemp

Organic CBD oils and edibles are preferred by consumers because they believe they’re getting higher quality than conventional hemp products, but it’s a general misconception that just because a certain product isn’t ‘certified organic’ and hasn’t gone through the same scrutiny or stringent check, it’s of lower quality.

What’s important is the quality of the soil when the seeds are planted, the maintenance of the plants during their lifecycle, and the production process. 

So non-organic CBD oils from reputed brands are not only more affordable and accessible, but also of high quality – which makes it easier for people from all backgrounds to enjoy the benefits of hemp oil.

Ready To Embrace The Power Of Plants?

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